• Gold Mythic Laura joins the Road to Survival as an Alert Command Specialist for the Milita Allegiance! She’s ready for battle and…. Dwight!
  • Laura has the rare ability to Daze an enemy for the rest of combat on her Signature Move! Rendering her enemy’s Signature Move useless throughout the entire battle until it’s cleansed or it’s over!
  • Laura can not only have an ally fighter take a bonus action as a Command Specialist, but her Mythic Passives make it so when she does command or defend, one random teammate will get 50% of their max AP!
  • Laura can also revive 4 teammates with 25% of their max HP with her Adrenaline Rush. Plus, she’ll taunt 2 enemies for 2 turns! Ontop of her Mythic Passive that will heal her for 50% of her max HP! She is of the Alert trait, but she’s definitely one tough lady! 

Check out Lockdown’s first-look video at MAXED-OUT Gold Mythic Laura!