• Marge joins the Road to Survival as a Gold Mythic Fast Control fighter for the RTS II Allegiance! Bringing the Head Cracker Specialist skill to battle, Dazing her target for two turns when she hits a critical attack, also helping Marge to recover from all penalties!
  • Marge likes to show how versatile she can be with her Signature Move, Tail Pipe. Doing 350% damage to an enemy no matter what, but if on the attack team, she will Taunt two enemies for two turns. If she’s on the defense team, two enemies will get 4,000 Exhaust! You know what they say! Find someone who can do both. ..like Marge!
  • If that wasn’t enough Exhaust, her attached weapon comes with Exhaust On Hit, giving a 50% chance to apply 6,000 Exhaust for two turns to a target when attacking!
  • Marge will also reduce damage taken by 40% if the fighter attacking has Stun, Confuse, Impair, Daze, Taunt, or Normalize! If the enemy has any debilitating effect, she will knock that damage down by 40%!
  • As if that wasn’t enough, Marge also has a 50% chance to Normalize a random enemy for one turn with each critical hit, thanks to her Mythic Passives. Time to get under the hood of your roster and find a spot for Gold Mythic Marge!

Check out Lockdown’s first look at maxed-out Gold Mythic Marge!