Character Breakdown


Name: Strong


Name: Support

Description: Debuffs and/or debilitates the enemy team.

Base Stats (Max 90)

Health: 1838

Defense: 1998

Attack: 1492


Cost: 66 AP

Effect: All teammates recover from Heal Reduction, Maim, and regain 70% of their max HP for 3 turns.

Active Skill

Initial Cooldown: 1

Effect: One enemy and all adjacent enemies get Daze for 3 turns.

Specialist Skill


Effect: Whenever this character attacks a character suffering from Burning, an adjacent target will be affected with a copy of that Burning effect.

Weapon Stats

Gameplay Walkthrough

Maim Recovery

  • Recovering from Maim can help you fight back against heavy Zach teams and get your offense back in the game.


  • 1000 Burn for 3 turns at 100% is a good start to any fight. With a lot of bleed running around in the meta and players starting to mod Bleed Resist a good Burn should throw your enemies a curveball!

All Adjacent Daze

  • The Initial Cool Down is really low on this active and being able to shut down all active skills of your enemies is really strong against any active heavy characters.

[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few examples of Roadie teams to get your creativity flowing:

How to Collect

  •  Roadie will be available through the Premier Recruit Wheel!
  • 5* Ascendable Roadie is also available after 100 bonus opens on the wheel!
  • Also Red Velvet Cake will drop from the wheel! These can be used for S-Class Collectibles as long as you have Olivia and Sherry maxed out!