Character Breakdown

Trait: StrongHealth2,280
Role: SupportDefense6,954
S- ClassAttack2,502
Rush: Intense Shot
Cost: 76 AP
Effect : Deal 5000 Maim Damage to one enemy. Remove focus from up to 5 enemies. This character gets +100% bonus HP.
Active Skill: Recover & Resist Normalize, and AP Gain
Initial Cooldown: Turn 1
CD: 4
Effect: This character recovers from normalize and gets +100% normalize resistance for 3 turns. One other teammate gains +50% AP. 
Specialist Skill: Human Shield
While this character is defending, all attacks from human enemies may only target them.

Unique Weapon

Gameplay Walkthrough


  • MJ has one of the most powerful specialist skills in the game: Human Shield. Because of this players are going to be looking for a way to normalize him or get past it with Focus. MJ clears normalize, gives himself normalize resistance and removes focus from the entire enemy team. 
  • MJ deals 5k maim damage every time he rushes which means he can one shot most attack team toons in the game. 
  • MJ’s weapon means that once he gets going, splash damage and rampage won’t chip away at your team because MJ will heal them all to full.

How to Collect

  • MJ’s collectibles are MJ Cards, available now in S-Class Recruits! 2,000 MJ Cards will be required for 5 Star Ascendable MJ.
  • 6000 MJ and 2 maxed out 6 Star MJ are required for S-Class MJ!
  • S-Class MJ can now be obtained as a drop from the S-Class Recruits Wheel! NOW WITH DOUBLE THE ODDS!