A hitman and one of the top Kingdom’s Officers.

During William’s reign over the Kingdom, Cliff ensures the peace is kept and lets his reputation do the heavy lifting. His military prowess and effectiveness are well known and just having him around is enough to deter even the hardiest of mercenaries. His mere presence clearly states: If you want William, you’ll have to go through him first.

Cliff is a great addition to your team if you want to ensure they stay up and fighting, as his heals and bodyguard skills will make sure your team is ready for another round.

Gameplay Walkthrough:

  • Cliff is the perfect bodyguard to ensure your team can survive through just about anything the enemy throws your way.
  • Cliff has a fast rush that makes him incredibly tanky which means he will stay alive longer and block more damage for your allies!
  • Cliff’s passives allow him to recover from defense down and heal every time he uses his bodyguard skill. This combination makes Cliff the most potent bodyguard to ever see the game!

How to Obtain Cliff

  • Gold Mythic Cliff will be obtainable via Cliff’s Step Up Recruits.
  • 2 copies will be guaranteed in the Featured fighter choice at 80 and 160 pulls
  • You will need 2 copies of Mythic Cliff in order to ascend him to Grade 5, and another to reach Limit Break 1.

Note: Any issues displayed in early preview versions of this fighter have been duly fixed prior to release.