Gameplay Walkthrough:

  • Lori 2000 is being mind controlled by The Governor and forced to strike out against Rick, what’s the apocalypse coming too!
  • Lori 2000 may not be in her right mind but with her rush and signature move she is quite the powerhouse against alert toons like say oh…GOVERNOR! She also gets an amazing amount of maim resistance for his pesky rush!
  • Check out Lori 2000 today and put the Governor to rest!

How to Obtain Lori 2000:

Gold Mythic Lori 2000 will be obtainable via the Battle for Lori limited-time event! Check out the event post for all the specifics.

You will need 2 copies of Gold Mythic Lori 2000 in order to ascend her to Grade 5, and another to reach Limit Break 1.