Gameplay Guide

  • The apocalypse is a tough place for anyone let alone a kid! Which is why it’s always smart to have an ally! Sam and Tom have joined up together to take down survivors and walkers alike.
  • Turn one you initiate combat by applying Daze and -20% defense to 2 enemies. These two dazed enemies are primed to takedown with your Specialist Skill Cutthroat 2. 
  • Sam and Tom also have one of the strongest rushes in the game by being able to take out two enemies and then impairing everyone else on the enemy team!
  • The big finish here is that Sam and Tom have mythic passives that let them control the enemy and give themselves 100 AP to keep bringing the pain!

How to Obtain Sam and Tom

Sam and Tommy can be obtained from the 6th Anniversary Player’s Choice wheel!

You will need 2 copies of Gold Mythic Sam and Tom in order to ascend them to Grade 5, a 3rd to reach Grade 5+ and a 4th for Limit Break 2 Grade 5++.