• Gold Mythic Scotsman has arrived with his best friend to lead the Outlanders to the greatest show on what’s left of earth! With a +45% ATK to Outtlanders Teammates! +35% ATK to all other teammates.
  • The Scotsman and Brutus are a force to be reckoned with as we all know, but now, even more so! When Scotsman’s HP is 75% or less at the start of a turn, Gold Mythic Outlanders Brutus will get +200% ATK for 1 turn, to help save his best buddy!
  • His attached 4-Star weapon has a unique uncraftable weapon effect and has room for a number of upgrades!
  • Bringing -50% DEF on his Adrenaline Rush, Focus to Outlanders, dropping Stuns on his Signature Move with Mythic Passives and doing it all while looking amazing in a kilt! Gold Mythic Scotsman arrives with the Season 13 Mythic Battle Pass!

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