• Gold Mythic Rosy has arrived on the Road to Survival to protect your teammates against any threat that may arise against her, her teammates, and her nation… or at least what’s left of it..
  • As the latest Gold Mythic Human Shield Specialist, Rosy will not only protect her team but also punish damage role enemies with -75% Attack for 2 turns if they gain Focus!
  • Rosy’s Signature Move can Exhaust her enemies and has the potential to heal her by 75% of her max HP for the rest of combat! 
  • Rosy can protect her squad, but she can also handle any threat by applying Confuse to all enemies with her Adrenaline Rush and she gets 100% Bonus HP and 200% Defense! 
  • Standing tall against swarms of walkers, bandits, or whatever war may bring, Rosy can do it! 

Check out Lockdown’s First Look at MAXED-OUT Gold Mythic Rosy!