• The Wanderer joins the Road to Survival as an Outlanders Fast Support fighter and a Collateral Damage II specialist! With his attached 5-star weapon, his Switchblade is giving him base 100% Crit Chance, he’ll be dealing splash damage while getting a chance to Disarm your opponents, deal out Crosshairs on the enemy, and protect the team with Camouflage on every critical hit!
  • The elusive Wanderer lives up to his name with the ability to give his teammates Elusive on his Adrenaline Rush and to make himself Elusive for the rest of combat on his Signature Move!
  • Wanderer also deals out Trauma to his opponents with his Signature Move! If the enemy wants to cleanse those status effects, it may end up being the last thing they do before the Trauma takes them from battle!
  • The latest member to join the Road to Survival from the Outlanders wandering circus rolls into Advanced Recruits with Gold Mythic Wanderer! Step right up and try your luck! 

Check out Lockdown’s First Look video at Maxed-Out Gold Mythic Wanderer!