• Gold Mythic Georgia joins the fight as a Tough Combat Medic for the Rebels’ allegiance, and she’s coming in shooting! The critical attacks she makes get a bonus to the damage multiplier, plus healing her teammates from her Mythic Passives. Not to mention, that’s on top of the Bonus HP she’ll be handing out to everybody from her Specialist Skill!
  • Georgia is also tossing out Daze on a random enemy with every critical hit, plus Confusing enemies on her Adrenaline Rush, after making multiple attacks, each of which could be critical attacks! She’s controlling the fight from her side of the battlefield!
  • Georgia is ready to shut down the Alert opponents with a Normalize on her Signature Move that gets a bonus against those Alert enemies! Doubling the duration for an Alert target and Normalizing another of the Alert Trait!
  • Georgia’s attached 5-star Weapon comes equipped with 15/35, giving her and her surrounding teammates a buff, plus Improved AP Down + Impair, with a 60% chance the enemy’s Adrenaline Rush stays subdued!

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