• Off Duty Shane joins the Road to Survival as a Gold Mythic Strong Damage fighter for the Atlanta allegiance! With a leader skill that gives all teammates +40% attack and 3 enemies -35% Defense for two turns, at the start of EACH WAVE!
  • Shane’s Adrenaline Rush will make sure he’s protected against those Reflect Mods along with Bide, Payback, and Vengeance by giving himself a Guardian Shield before doing a crazy 1,000% damage to 3 enemies!
  • Shane can also steal up to 2 positive effects from a target with his Mythic passive and also has a 100% chance to get 25% Halo for two turns when killing an enemy!
  • Shane can also make sure those Alert defense teams are running into trouble when he’s around! His Signature Move will do 700% damage to an Alert Fighter, 400% to that fighter if they’re any other trait, plus Shane gets Elusive and Camouflage for three turns. Oh, and don’t miss that Mythic Ability where he gets +100% Attack when in Camouflage too.

Check out Lockdown’s first look at maxed-out Gold Mythic Off Duty Shane!