• Gold Mythic Axel 2000 arrives on the Road to Survival, ready to crack some heads! He’s a Strong Support fighter and a Devastating Blow Specialist for the Skybound XII Allegiance!
  • Axel comes with some big skills for battle with his Mythic Abilities, including Critical Hits dealing out Crosshairs for 2 turns and giving himself 50% Max AP! 
  • Axel can also remove all positive effects from a line of enemies with his Adrenaline Rush, then he attacks those enemies for 300% Damage right after giving himself +50% attack for 2 turns!
  • His Signature Move not only gives all adjacent teammates Guardian Shield but then makes a Critical Attack for 300% damage against an enemy, doubling the damage to 600% if that enemy has Focus!

Check out Lockdown’s first look at maxed-out Gold Mythic Axel 2000!