• Gold Mythic Slasher Alpha arrives on the Road to Survival as a new Leader for the Holiday Heroes Allegiance!
  • She brings a HUGE Adrenaline Rush that helps 2 Tank teammates with Guardian Shield and Elusive! All that while dealing 100% Infection to 3 enemies if she’s on the Defense Team!
  • Slasher Alpha’s Signature Move will boost her Defense by 100% and deal 20% of her Max HP as damage to 2 enemies! 
  • Alpha also brings her concealed shotgun as an attached 5-star weapon, bringing a 50% chance to cause 25% Infection to the attacking enemy, and if she is Slowed, Dazed or Confused, this weapon will reflect 250% of the damage! 

Check out Lockdown’s first look at maxed-out Gold Mythic Slasher Alpha!