• Gold Mythic Kyle soars into the Road to Survival as an Indomitable Specialist for the RTS Allegiance! Gaining +30% Defense every time he takes damage! Plus, his Mythic Abilities give him and all Alert teammates +45% Defense, raising the alert level on that Alert team!
  • Kyle and his feathered friend drop 10,000 Trauma and -50% Attack on 3 enemies for 2 turns with his AR! Position him in your defense team, and he will Normalize 2 enemies with his Adrenaline Rush too!
  • Kyle’s attached weapon also helps his Specialist Skill by Taunting opponents to help boost the Defense given from Indomitable and providing Improved Stonewall!
  • Kyle will also clear debilitating effects from 2 teammates with his Signature Move, plus providing Defense Down Block for the rest of combat to one other teammate! 

Check out Lockdown’s first look at maxed-out Gold Mythic Kyle!