• Gold Mythic Raven joins the Road to Survival as a Headhunter Specialist for the RTS Allegiance! Watch out for her critical attacks dropping Crosshairs for 3 turns on her target!
  • Raven can Stun a line of enemies with her Signature Move, and her Mythic Abilities give her 100% Attack against Stunned Enemies, and she will Stun those Stunned targets again for 2 turns!
  • Raven is traumatic! Bringing 25,000 Trauma for 2 turns to all enemies adjacent to her target with her Adrenaline Rush. Oh, and that’s on top of the 4 attacks for 200% damage each to her target. Quite traumatic.
  • Raven’s Specialist Skill works hand in hand with her attached 5-star weapon, giving her base Crit Chance of 100% with the 20% bonus to the Crit Damage AND Improved Double Attack. Slicing through the opponent with her shotgun!

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