• We’re grateful for Gold Mythic Thanksgiving Dale joining the Road to Survival as an Amped Specialist for the Holiday Heroes allegiance! Giving him 50% of his max AP each turn if he’s at 100% HP!
  • Dale has an attached Knife & Fork weapon that brings Exhaust Cleanse for a single teammate every turn and Improved Strong Attacks! Boosting all other teammates’ Attack by +15% for each Strong teammate for 1 turn! Yum!
  • Dale also heals 2 other teammates for 25% of their max HP for 2 turns and gives them Guardian Shield on his Adrenaline Rush! Plus, a Damage Role teammate recovers from all penalties and gets +100% Attack for 2 turns! Almost as good as grandma’s pumpkin pie.. almost!
  • Not only 100% AP Drain Resistance and a 100% chance a random teammate recovers from all penalties, but Dale also buffs ALL Strong teammates with +30% Attack from his Mythic Abilities, too! Get this man another plate! He’s Hungry!

Check out Lockdown’s first look video at maxed-out Gold Mythic Thanksgiving Dale!